Episode 210: Ant-Man and the Fallen Kingdom

This episode contains: We’re back after Steven’s paternity leave! Devon didn’t screw up the network too bad in his absence. Steven has been surviving being a dad of two daughters now.

This Week in Space: Jupiter has ten new moons! This makes a total of 79. Most of these new moons are pretty small. On in particular is interesting because it is orbiting in the opposite direction as the other moons in its area.


Mice, Rats and Humans, Oh My!: Mice and rats also commit the sunk cost fallacy. We all do this but now we know mice do too. The scientists studied rats in a maze with “restaurants” to study how they make decisions. Humans were also tested using a web gallery and a download bar.


Sci-Fi: Steven gives us his review of Ant-Man and Wasp. It was okay. He was a little disappointed that it was not internally consistent with its own rules. Steven SPOILS the post credit scene. Steven also saw Jurassic Park V: Jurassic World II: Fallen Kingdom. He was a little disappointed. The movie suffers from being the second movie in a trilogy. Having not seen much sci-fi lately, Devon review Death of Stalin and Anne with an “E.” Both are really good.