Episode 211: Primed and Ready

This episode contains: Devon makes it just in time after selling a table. He then makes his wife finish the job while he podcasts. We then decide that this, the 211 episode, is a cooler milestone than 200, since 211 is a prime number. Devon then tells us about his brief trip to Portland. Steven is still dadding it up, and finally saw IT.

Big Red, Wet Planet?: There’s more water on Mars! Turns out there’s a lake under the southern ice cap. We discuss how they know this, where the water came from, and where all the water on Mars went. We also look at the giant dust storm that recently occurred on Mars.


Update: We take a look at recent developments in the Atacama Mummy story. The original scientist are being criticized for not making sure the sample was legally/ethically obtained and their results are in question. Other experts have said that the specimen may have just been a normal pre-term birth with no abnormalities. The odd look is merely due to normal effects of birth and being buried in sand.


Sci-Fi: It was Comic-Con last week so there’s a lot of new sci-fi stuff to talk about. We take apart the new Star Trek: Discovery season 2 trailer. Also, Clone Was is back! We discuss what can we expect in the new season. Devon then tells us about a new book he’s reading: Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill. He’s only 1/5 of the way through but so far he gives it 5 out of 5. Steven explains why it’s okay for him to buy Blu-rays but it’s dumb for Devon to by CDs.


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