Episode 216: High-Def Dystopia

This episode contains Sci-Fi: Devon and Steven are dear friends. We start talking about sci-fi then decide to make it an all sci-fi episode. Devon discuss his frustration with the new Star Wars trilogy and his skepticism of episode 9. We also talk about Star Wars over-saturation. We then turn to Star Wars and how DS9 and Voyager are not HD.


Steven just finished rereading Harry Potter and Devon is currently going through the series on Audible. We discuss how even in the magical world of Harry Potter, fortune telling is a joke. Devon is surprised at just how much quidditch is in the books. Reading the books back-to-back shows you just how close in time the books are since only about a month passes between each one. Steven finished all seven books and is now reading a new Stephen King book: The Outsider. We then discuss what we’re looking forward to seeing/reading. Devon is considering reading the Foundation series once he finishes Harry Potter. We consider doing another book club type thing. We then consider if we’re living in a sci-fi dystopia and who we are in that world. (We’re the rich bastards from the Capital, and so are you.)