Episode 220: Agonia, Behavioral, Confrontation

This episode contains: We start off this week talking about Sunday (since we recorded on one) and Truckasaurus. Steven comments that he thinks he found where the scifi has been hiding.

Brain Matters: Scientists turn the Zika virus against brain cancer. Scientists have found that the Zika virus targets Neural Progeniter Cells which are also cells that are involved with a deadly form of brain cancer. They modified the Zika virus to attack these cells and thus eradicate the cancer.


Life, uh, Finds A Way: Building blocks for life on Earth may have been created in space. There are way too many chemical components in this section to be able to summarize it all. Important chemicals needed for the development of life on Earth have their origins in space. Listen in for the full details.


Solo: Steven re-watched Solo and really enjoyed it the second time. Devon is interested in watching again (and sober). We also talk about the Red Letter Media review of The Last Jedi.

Maniac: We struggle to define this new mini-series on Netflix. Proto-Blade Runner? 80s retro-futurism? No internet future? There’s a ton of mental health issues as well as crazy psychedelic visuals, quirky characters and interesting plot. Steven hasn’t finished the series yet and recommends it. Devon has finished and also recommends it.

Three Body Problem: Steven is still reading The Three Body Problem and has some interesting things to say about it’s translation into English. Listen in for more.