Episode 221: Space Stuff

This episode contains: We start off complaining about stores decorating for holidays too soon.

Cloak of Invisibility: “Spacesuits” protect microbes destined to live in space. We try to figure out what that means. A 2D MOF wrap around bacteria to form a soft cloak that expands as the bacteria grow and split. This protects the bacteria from oxygen, hence a “reverse spacesuit.”


The Truth is Out There: New tool helps scientist better target the search for alien life. A statistician/scientist uses Bayes theorem to determine how far we need to search before we can conclude there are no alien civilizations. Example: if no signals are received from within a radius of 1,000 light years, there is still over a 10% chance there is hundreds of similar signals elsewhere in the galaxy. We would have to search out to a radius of 40,000 light years to reduce the probability to very slight.


Sci-Fi: Star Trek Discovery “Short Treks”, the name of the new Star Wars live action show: “The Mandalorian”, The First on Hulu, voice activated stuff still sucks, interactive Black Mirror episode, piracy is on the rise (internet, not actual), Three Body Problem and more!