Episode 224: Boldly Paying

This episode contains: We have a guest on the show that hasn’t been on in a while: Ben Lawless! Devon is still sick so Ben kind of takes over for him.

“Technology, how does this even work?”: Helium screws with iPhones apparently. This has to do with the small sealed spaces in the phones. The helium can penetrate these seals and so change the conditions in the phone.


Money, money: Bitcoin can raise the global temperature beyond 2 degrees C. This is due to the computing power to mine bitcoins and assumes it will increase in use at the rate of other technologies (whatever that means).


Star Trek: Discovery: Ben talks about the new mini episodes of Discovery (Short Treks). The episodes seem to have a different tone than the regular show. This might also be CBS showing fans what can be done with only 15 minutes of Trek, as this is all they’ll allow fans to make on their own. There are also three novels and comics of Discovery. Ben has read them all. Also, there’s going to be an animated Star Trek series called Lower Decks, written by a Rick and Morty writer. Ben then tells us about some of his adventures with Star Trek: Bridge Crew.