Episode 231: Chronology Navigation

This episode contains: We’re back after recording just a couple days ago. Devon talks about seeing the SF symphony. We also talk about sitting through the credits of a movie. Steven is having family stay with him over the holidays.

Evolutionarily Speaking: Scientists revise their methods of determining the rates of evolution. We discuss the three ways new species come into existence: budding, cladogenesis, and anagenesis. We then end up talking about nuts for some reason.



Crunchy: Is organic food worse for the climate? Depending on the crop, the organic version has a larger effect on climate than the other option. This also applies to organic meat and dairy products since they eat the organic crops. We also talk about the history of lawns.


Sci-Fi: Devon has seen all of the new season of Travelers, while Steven has seen the first episode. Devon tries to talk about the season without spoilers. We also talk about how hard it is for shows to stay fresh but not get overly complex at the same time. Also, Devon is reading the Skeptics Guide to the Universe book. It’s pretty awesome.


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