Episode 232: New Year, Old Us

This episode contains: Devon talks briefly about his grandma going into hospice care. We then talk about our weekend hanging out together and playing board games. We also saw the new Spider-man movie, which was awesome. We also about our very different experiences with vacuum robots.

Robot Overlords: 2018 is the year that the robots took over service jobs. Specifically, stores are using kiosks to take orders and robots to make food. This seems inevitable and could have a larger social impact. Devon gives us little libertarian rant.


Get Physical: Our universe may be an expanding bubble in an extra dimension. Yet another theory to try and explain “dark energy,” which involves string theory, extra dimensions and bubbles.


Sci-Fi: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a great movie. But it was still beat by Aquaman. Devon thinks this was because Spider-Man was a cartoon (and he’s right). We discuss why we liked the movie so much. We then discuss Bird Box. Steven built a Pip Boy 2000. We briefly discuss Bandersnatch, which we haven’t yet watched. We also talk about possible New Year’s resolutions.



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