Episode 239: Always

This episode contains: We recorded this ep on a Sunday. Devon’s been a single dad for the weekend and tell a little about it.

This Week in Space: Scientists are going to be able to use gravitational waves to calculate the Hubble Constant. The two previous methods, using super nova and the microwave background radiation of the universe have yielded conflicting results so this will hopefully find the true rate of expansion. The gravitational waves are produced form colliding neutron stars.


Sweet Emotion: Steven finds a list of names of emotions we didn’t know had names. We go through most of them and discuss how they make us feel.


Sci-Fi: We talk about Umbrella Academy. Devon thinks his expectations were too high. It was still okay. Devon has also finally started watching this season of Star Trek: Discovery. It’s good but still flawed. The new/temporary captain is a lot better and they are trying to get into more of the moral questions that the older shows did. Also, the Mandalorian has finished filming and the Star Wars park at Disney is looking pretty cool. We also talk about Star Wars: Always.