Episode 249: It’s Funny In China

This episode contains: Steven and Devon are back together again. Steven tells us about his recent travels and Devon tells us about his entire family coming to visit.

Life, uh, Finds A Way: Running dinosaur robots reveals possible way dinos may have evolved flight. “Using robotic and animal models, researchers have shown that some dinosaurs were already flapping their rudimentary wings as a side effect of running, prior to evolving the ability to fly. The finding offers a unique perspective on the origins of flight, but experts say more evidence is needed.”


Doggy, What Now?: Study finds that treats might mask animal intelligence. Scientists taught mice to respond to a particular tone and were rewarded with water. They performed better after a few days when the water was taken away then when the reward was left in place. They speculate this has to do with the difference between knowledge and performance.


Sci-Fi: We have a lot of sci-fi to talk about. We talk about the Lego Movie 2, The Wandering Earth, Snowpiercer, Game of Thrones episode The Bells, and more!