Episode 250: Subverting Expectations

This episode contains: We chat about the #MakeSolo2Happen trend on twitter. Devon moved his R2 unit and burned his hand. Steven was a single dad for 4 days. On to the science…

Get Your Ass To Mars: SHARAD or Mars SHAllow RADar sounder was used to find the massive amount of ice under the surface of Mars. Is probably accumulated over eons of ice ages.


Because I Wanted To: Why are some songs more popular than others? A study was done focusing on harmonic surprise and how popular songs use this feature.


Terminator Dark Fate: We give our reaction to this new trailer. Devon is unswayed, Steven is cautiously optimistic.

Star Trek Picard: Another new trailer. We’re extremely excited to see old man Picard to anything.

The Predator: Steven finally saw this sequel and really enjoyed it. He surmises that watching bad movies at home make them more enjoyable.

The Darkest Minds: Steven watched another movie. This one was a surprise and he really enjoyed it, even if rotten tomatoes doesn’t agree.

Game of Thrones: We talk about the utterly disappointing final season.


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