Episode 253: The Ruler of Mecatol Rex

This Episode Contains: We’re coming off an extreme weekend of gaming. We played Twilight Imperium for 13 hours. But first we talk about science.

Doom! But Maybe Not: Light-powered nano-organisms consume carbon dioxide, create eco-friendly plastics and fuels. Researchers have developed nanobio-hybrid organisms capable of using airborne carbon dioxide and nitrogen to produce a variety of plastics and fuels, a promising first step toward low-cost carbon sequestration and eco-friendly manufacturing for chemicals.


This Week in Space: Astronomers warn over Musk’s planned satellite constellation. SpaceX is launching 12,000 satellites into orbit as part of the Starlink program. This is meant to provide internet to the world. However, astronomers are worried this many new satellites will hinder our ability to do astronomy.


Sci-Fi: We discuss our epic game of Twilight Imperium. Steven gives is his review of I Am Mother.