Episode 272: Squid Rain? Squid Rain.

This episode contains: We discuss what we did for Halloween. We also discuss finding time to do our hobbies.

Vax Happens: How measles wipes out the body’s immune memory. A new study shows that measles wipes out 20 to 50 percent of antibodies against an array of viruses and bacteria, depleting a child’s previous immunity. A measles-ravaged immune system must ‘relearn’ how to protect the body against infections. The study details the mechanism and scope of this measles-induced ‘immune amnesia.’ The findings underscore the importance of measles vaccination, suggesting those infected with measles may benefit from booster shots of all previous childhood vaccines.


This Week in Space: New measurement of Hubble constant adds to cosmic mystery. New measurements of the rate of expansion of the universe add to a growing mystery: Estimates of a fundamental constant made with different methods keep giving different results.


Sci-Fi: Steven talks about the video game Outer Worlds. Steven also watched For All Mankind on Apple TV Plus. Devon is finally watching The Wire. Devon tells us more about Supernova Era by Cixin Liu. Steven tells us about the new HBO show Watchmen.


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