Episode 277: Platform Agnostic

This episode contains: Benjamin Daniel Lawless join Steven as guest co-host this week! We’re excited to talk about Watchmen (when appropriate). Steven reveals that he watches The Mandalorian on Thursday nights so he can get fresh memes on Friday morning.

Everybody Deserves the Internet: People with visual impairments use social media like everyone else, often with the help of screen reader software. But that technology falls short when it encounters memes, which don’t include alternate text, or alt text, to describe what’s depicted in the image. Ben describes the process of how these images should be described, and even acts one out with Steven translating.


Evolutionarily Advantageous: Researchers have tried to simulate the process of developing a new communication system in an experiment — with surprising results: even preschool children can spontaneously develop communication systems that exhibit core properties of natural language. Steven talks about the experiment that used a muted Skype call and kids that needed to communicate. They ended up create their own sign language. It’s horrifying.


Sci-Fi: This week we talk about the Apple TV Plus show See. Ben goes over the main premise of the show (no spoilers). We detour and talk about Frozen 2 a bit, and what a 4DX theater is. We then get into the Watchmen chat, for a mostly spoiler free (up to episode 5 or 6?) discussion about the comic, the show, and what Peteypedia is. And of course, to wrap it all up, we talk a bit about Star Wars and the different edits that exist.