Episode 278: Divining the Celestial Runes

This episode contains: Benjamin Daniel Lawless joins us for another week of guest hosting! We chat about the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event that the CW is doing, then get hype (or not) about the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, and the Black Widow trailer.

Oh No We’re All Going To Die:  Chemistry researchers have uncovered a better way to scrub carbon dioxide from smokestack emissions, which could be a key to mitigating global climate change. We talk about adsorption, and MOFs and other things we know almost nothing about.


Indiana Jones and the Hidden Objects: Researchers have discovered a new method for turning nearly any object into a data storage unit. We talk about encoding things into DNA, and the glass nano beads that will hold it. Why even do this? We discuss.


Sci-Fi: We watch the latest animated Short Trek episode and Steven has an epiphany while he and Ben discuss it. It’s a lot more than Moana meets The Abyss. We then talk about Watchmen episode 8 (episode 9 had not released at the time of recording) and what it all means. We end the episode with some VR talk, as Steven recently received an Oculus Rift S for his birthday.