Episode 296: Eat Like A Daft Punk Song

This episode contains: Benjamin Daniel Lawless joins us once again. We’re on babywatch as Devon is anticipating the arrival of his new son. We do some dad talk and praise Cosmic Yoga.

If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again:  When faced with a decision, people may know which choice gives them the best chance of success, but still take the other option, a new study suggests.


Biological Imperative: The sensation of sweetness starts on the tongue, but sugar molecules also trip sensors in the gut that directly signal the brain. This could explain why artificial sweeteners fail to satisfy the insatiable craving for sugar.


The Quizzes: We give each other quizzes! Steven starts us out with a Star Trek for Devon and Ben. Ben gives the Star Wars quiz to Steven and Devon, and lastly, Devon gives the Harry Potter quiz to Ben and Steven. Play along at home!

WestWorld: We end the episode with a little chat about episode 6 of the current season of Westworld, Decoherence. Devon wants to know where the “good news” people were. Did everyone have a messed up life? We discuss.