Episode 297: Adherence to the Organic

This episode contains: Birth announcement! Devon and Jen had a healthy baby boy, Elliot Liam Craft. Congrats! Ben tells us of his adventures in Minecraft with his son. Steven answers questions about the moon landing that his daughter has.

This Week In Space: Geologists have created the first comprehensive geologic map of the Moon. They pieced together maps from the Apollo mission and current satellite imagery to create a full geologic map that can be used for future missions.


Cyberpunk 2020: Mind controlled prosthesis are now part of everyday life. New prosthesis are connected to nerve, muscle and skeleton and are controlled by the users mind. They can feel a wide range of sensations. But not pain. We discuss if they should be able to feel pain.


Science Fiction: Ben regales us with his journey down the Memory Beta rabbit hole where he read too much about Wesley Crusher. Steven and Ben have been playing Fallout 76 with each other and talk about their experiences. Steven played some Gears Tactics and gives a quick overview. Ben has been reading Star Trek Best Destiny and remarks on how it reminded him of Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell. We have a large discussion on Tales From the Loop and Ben has to defend it somewhat from Steven, who needs some convincing. Then we look at Things From the Flood, and you should too.