Episode 298: A Gigaton of Dumb

This episode contains: Steven’s mind is a void and Ben is getting back to his other, other job, book publishing.


All We Are is Dust in the Wind, Dude: Exoplanet disappears in recent Hubble observations. The exoplanet that we have been observing in the Fomalhaut system is now gone. It is theorized that it may have been destroyed and is now a dust cloud so wide spread that we can no longer detect it.


DOOOOOM: NASA space laser missions map 16 years of ice sheet loss. We are losing a massive amount of ice each year due to climate change. So much that it needs to be measured in gigatons.


SciFi: We watch the recent trailer for the Netflix series Space Force and give our impressions. Steven talks way too much about Clone Wars and talk about how the series ended. Steven also flipped on Tales From The Loop and now recommends it. Finally, we talk about the final two episodes of the third season of WestWorld. We talk about what this season did right and wrong and how the show is going to change going into the fourth season.


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