Episode 299: Giving Blood for Science

This episode contains: Steven and Ben talk about napping and salad. Don’t worry, we get to the science pretty quick.

This Week in Space: ESO instrument finds closest Black Hole to Earth. There’s a black hole so close to Earth you can “see” it with your naked eye and it’s part of a trinary system. HR 6819 has a star and a black hole orbiting each other and another sun orbiting both of those. Too cool.


Space is Big and Old: Hayabusa2 reveals more secrets from Ryugu. Ryugu’s interaction with the sun changes what we know about asteroid history. We talk about material never before seen on Earth and Steven tries to connect it to a Where’s Waldo book.


Science Fiction: We talk about the latest two episodes of Rick and Morty. “Never Ricking Morty” was amazing and confusing and “Promortyus” was a standard scifi spoof turned on it’s head. Good times. Steven played a PC game called “Deliver Us The Moon” and gives a mini review. The hosts top off the episode talking about tinkering with tech when what you really want to do is play a darn game.