Episode 305: The Bees and Knees

This episode contains: We talk about how quarantine continues to affect us and our lives. Steven is having a tough time with his kids and Ben is having a better time with work.

Why don’t we replace more body parts with jello?: The first cartilage-mimicking gel that’s strong enough for knees has been developed. Cartilage provides a combination of cushiony-yet-strong that hydrogels haven’t been able to match, until now. New hydrogel consists of stretchy spaghetti-like strands, rigid and basketlike strands, and a meshwork of cellulose fibers.


Bee Cool: Asian Hornets are appearing in the UK. They are a great threat to the honey bee population as they can eat thousands of them per day. We talk about the differences between Asian Hornets and Asian Giant Hornets. Thank you to @Kenobidarth for these articles!



Science Fiction: Ben received the Tales From the Loop book and gives us the run-down. Some of the book reminds Steven of a book he read in 1997: Footprints of Thunder. Ben (and his son) played ‘A Short Hike’ on PC and highly recommends it. Steven continues to play The Last of Us Part 2 and it still very taken with it. Slight spoilers for the beginning of the game. Steven has been reading the 2015 book Star Wars: Aftermath and talks a bit about it. Ben has seen the pilot for Doom Patrol and says it’s really good.


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