Episode 320: It’s just Me, a Computer, and a Guitar

This episode contains: We start this fine episode with a little talk about how the apocal- I mean, how life is going, especially for those of us with kids in school. Also, Devon is still writing music.

What’s Up Bird Brain: Crows possess higher intelligence long thought a primarily human attribute. We talk about corvids and how we have discovered more about how their minds work. That somehow devolves into talk about pon farr.


Brain Matters: Babies’ random choices become their preferences. We talk about unconscious bias and how it clearly develops when you’re a baby. That leads us to justifying arbitrary choices, and finally choice overload.


Science Fiction: We talked about a lot this week. Here’s a list: We aren’t watching Star Trek Discovery Season 3 yet, Steven is re-reading Jurassic Park (again), spoilers for Camp Cretaceous, Ben got an Oculus Quest 2, Steven picked up Fallout 4 again, Devon watched all of Utopia and gives us his review, Steven and Devon finished The Boys season 2 and chat about it a bit.