Episode 323: Adjustments

This episode contains: We talk about the current US presidential election. Ben deals with standardized testing. Steven makes dreams come true.

Brain Matters: Brain study pinpoints why music can literally give you the chills. Music’s effect on the brain hints at an ancient ‘ancestral’ function. We talk about music, getting the chills and how certain tests require more test subjects.


The RGB Cases of the Animal Kingdom: As if the Platypus couldn’t get any weirder: they can also glow in the dark. We talk about the newest discovery about one of the strangest animals.


Science Fiction: Hey Mando! we talk about the second season premier of The Mandalorian. We go deep, expect spoilers. Ben has been watching Earth to Ned and likens parts of it to Farscape. Steven finished The Lost World and has to talk about it. Steven has also been watching Star Trek Discovery Season 2 and he and Ben have a nice long chat about ‘If Memory Serves’. Ben then goes into the future and talks about Discovery season 3.


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