Episode 324: Initial Departure

This episode contains: We start off talking about how long we’ve been quarantining and how we’re not crazy, you’re crazy.

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Pfizer has a covid-19 vaccine. We talk about an article written by Dr. Steven Novella (of Skeptics Guide to the Universe fame) about the vaccine and how much we should trust it. Turns out, there’s a lot to be excited about.


Darkness at the Beginning of the Tunnel: We talk about the impact of covid-19 related school shutdown on sleep in adolescents. Steven reads (most of) a study regarding sleep and teens and then everyone reminisces about their high school morning and lack of sleep.


Science Fiction: Hope you like Star Trek Discovery, because we talk about season 2 and 3. A lot. Like, almost too much. If that’s not your thing, we cover the latest (as of recording) episode of The Mandalorian, The Passenger. We have quite a discussion on whether or not The Child is going to regurgitate the eggs he ate. Also, Dr. Mandible is Ben’s favorite character.


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