Episode 325: Three Cheers for Telomeres

This episode contains: We talk about our Thanksgiving traditions regarding gravy. Ben is ditching his iPhone for an Android, which some would consider heresy.

…It’s Windy: Climate change causes landfalling hurricanes to stay stronger for longer. Warm ocean hurricanes have more moisture and stay longer and stronger after landfall. Because the hurricanes are lasting longer and traveling father, people who are unprepared will have to be. Climate change is still real.


Biological Imperative: Human ageing process biologically reversed in world first. What can oxygen therapy in a pressurized chamber do for you? We talk about telomeres and senescent cells and what they have to do with aging.


Science Fiction: We talk about BOTH of the Star Wars Holiday Specials, the live action one and the LEGO one. Both have their ups and downs. We then talk about The Mandalorian episode The Heiress. Bo-Katan! What?! We then talk Star Trek Discovery and different future star ship names. Finally, Ben talks about FUSER the new music mixing game from Harmonix.