Episode 336: Like A Rock

This episode contains: We kick off this episode with some real Devon talk. Ben is using libraries correctly. Steven watched a little bit of TV.

Spiders, Is There Anything They Can’t Do?: Tiny spider engineers use silk pulley systems to lift prey 50 times their weight. The Theridiidae spider not only has an impressive name, it can lift impressive weight. We talk about a video where this tiny spider lifts a cockroach; it’s disgusting and awesome.


Pure Energy: According to a new study, a zero-emissions US is now pretty cheap. Wind and solar energy is now cheaper than buying fossil fuels. We also talk a little about carbon capture, and how to pay bills. Adulting!


Science Fiction: Steven put some money in Dogecoin, now let’s watch him lose it. Devon and Ben do a recap and review of the first two seasons of Doom Patrol. Yeah, we’re talking about it again, what of it? You should be watching. Devon caught up on WandaVision and gives his impressions. Turns out he sides with Ben with his opinion of the show. Ben talks The Expanse (tv show) and Devon talks The Expanse (books) and Steven listens and gets spoiled. Finally, we somehow we get on the topic of Gargoyles and TMNT, so there’s that.