Episode 339: A Smokey Aftertaste

This episode contains: Who loves Girl Scout Cookies? We do.

Technology Can Go To The Hot Place: Stanford study into “Zoom Fatigue” explains why video chats are so tiring. We talk about the various ways that video conferencing can take a toll. Except for Devon, who is superhuman.


Pumba, With You Everything Is Gas: Solar rotation varies by latitude. Ben’s son asked him about the sun and now we have to deal with it.


Whiskey, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s little problems: Like wine, environmental conditions impact flavor of whiskey, study finds. We talk about what terroir is and how it affects the taste of stuff. We take a detour into making fun of wine snobs and free basing heritage wheat.


Science Fiction: I don’t have the strength to type this all out again (I did a dumb and lost this info once -Steven), so enjoy a truncated version:

Ben and Steven watched some Babylon 5 and give their opinions.

Devon caught up on For All Mankind and gives his thoughts on the first season, and we all talk about the second season premiere.

Devon and Ben both did not enjoy the 7th episode of WandaVision, and Steven holds out hope that episode 8 will help make sense of things.