Episode 340: Delayed Gratification

This episode contains: Ben survives choking on water, then attempts to survive one full year of quarantine. Listen in to see if he makes it.

……under pressure: Researchers build a swimming robot that works in the Mariana Trench. To deal with the immense pressures, researchers split their circuit boards, similar to the skull of the snail fish.


Really? Down There?: Microbes deep beneath seafloor survive on byproducts of radioactive process. To understand this, we first have to research irradiation and ionizing radiation.


It’s A Terror Of Knowing What This World Is About: The cuttlefish can pass the marshmallow test. We talk about the marshmallow test and how it applies to cuttlefish.


Science Fiction: Ben tells us all about the Star Trek Picard novel The Dark Veil. We talk about the second episode of For All Mankind, The Bleeding Edge. Ben has been watching the second season of Umbrella Academy and is really enjoying it. We both do a deep dive of the penultimate episode of WandaVision. We talk about Agatha’s motivation, and what Wanda has gone through. Steven talks way too much, like always.