Episode 341: Pound Workers

This episode contains: We have a new recording night, and this episode christens it. Happy Pi Day everyone, let’s talk about pie. Ben has now been quarantined over a year.

For All Mankind, But For Real. Yo.: China and Russia unveil joint plan for lunar space station. We talk about these two super powers and whether or not we should be worried.


Where’s Your Head At?: Sea slug can lose its head and regenerate new body in three weeks. We talk about how a sea slug decapitates it’s own head and then lives on algae until it grows a new body. Gross.


Matter Over Mind: People with mind-blindness not so easily spooked. We talk about aphantasia and how people with a form of it cannot ‘picture’ what they read. It’s frightening.


Science Fiction: Steven watched some of Space Sweepers and is enjoying it. We all watched Flora & Ulysses and talk about it probably too much. That squirrel CG though, wonderful! Devon tells us just how much he enjoyed the Sonic movie. We talk about episode 3 of For All Mankind, and backtrack a bit to episode 2. We’ll be back on track next episode. With a mighty sigh we talk about what worked and what didn’t with the WandaVision finale.