Episode 342: Water Here, Water There


This episode contains: Do you kill bugs in your house and other interesting ways to start a podcast.

This Week in Space: What happened to Mars’s water? It is still trapped there. We talk about a recent chemical analysis regarding water trapped on Mars and the results are astounding.


Here Comes The Sun and I Say It’s All Right: We discuss the economics of covering California’s water system with solar panels. There are different ways it could be done, we talk about them and throw in a few crazy ideas.


Science Fiction: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has premiered and you know what that means: Steven talks way too much. We do a spoiler filled recap even though Devon hasn’t seen it yet. We have all mostly caught up with For All Mankind, again Devon lags. We talk about episode 4 and 5 in detail. Ben has recently been re-watching the classic Superman movies and  Superman Returns. He has some stuff to say. We end the pod with a chat about Stephen Baxter and some books he has written.


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