Episode 343: Fun Little Idiots

This episode contains: Ben’s cat consistently interrupts his REM sleep, and fun ensues. Steven got some chickens.

Breath In, Breath Out: Scientists are now developing vaccination by inhalation. Scientists are figuring out how to deliver vaccines to the lungs, which can boost immune responses to respiratory infections or lung cancer. It’s amazing.


*Imperial March sounds*: Massive ‘Darth Vader’ sea bug pulled from waters near Indonesia. Bathynomus raksasa measures about 13 inches (330 mm) in length, on average. We talk about these sea bugs and how absolutely horrifying they are.


Bonus: Neighborhood Hero Builds AI-Powered Device That Automatically Compliments Dogs Walking By.


Science Fiction: We have a chat about episode 6 of For All Mankind, Best Laid Plans. We don’t do it justice, please go watch the show. We do a recap of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, talk about who Isaiah Bradley is, and continue to be astounded on how the show deals with racism. We then move on to talk about The Snyder Cut. We talk about all the things that worked in this version of Justice League and a few things that didn’t. Overall, we totally dug it, and Steven is hoping for more.