Episode 344: Mice Can’t Lie

This episode contains: We talk a bit about Easter, and Steven is a real poo in the shoe about the whole affair.

Bears: An Unknown Disease Is Giving Bears Dog-Like Friendliness. Black Bears are suffering from encephalitis, but the root cause is not known. We discuss.


Shark Bait, Oh Ha Ha: Scientists show technology can save people from shark bites. How do we save 1,063 Australians from shark attacks? Personal electronic deterrents. 


Brain Matters: Mice with hallucination-like behaviors reveal insight into psychotic illness. Human speech is hard to comprehend, if the brain becomes imbalanced, you may hallucinate. 


Science Fiction: For once, Devon is caught up on a show. We talk about For All Mankind episode 7, Don’t Be Cruel. Steven finds out that the Korean Flight 007 disaster was a true event. Ben has to talk about that Space Jam 2 trailer…but mostly just talks about how amazing the original Space Jam was. We talk about the third episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Power Broker. Steven gets into the weeds talking about Madripoor and the Power Broker. Also, did you guys watch that trailer for The Bad Batch? So good.