Episode 348: The Earth Collective: KS Edition

This episode contains: We talk Covid vaccinations, because some of us had a BBQ! Ben and his kid had an engineering problem. Devon celebrated his 5th wedding anniversary!

I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot: Oxford malaria vaccine proves highly effective in Burkina Faso trial. Malaria kills over 400,000 thousand in Africa, but a vaccine could change that.


Et tu?: Flu Has Disappeared Worldwide during the COVID Pandemic. 2020-2021 flu season had ~600 deaths, down from 22,000 in the prior season. 


Interview with Mike Troup: We have the amazing voice and creator of The Earth Collective on for the first time since 2015! We talk about his audio drama podcast, how production has been affected by the pandemic, and what his new Kickstarter Campaign is all about (spoilers, he’s writing a book based on the first season of The Earth Collective!). Do us a favor and check out the links below, and listen to The Earth Collective, you won’t be disappointed.


Science Fiction: Before we talk real science fiction, we take a moment to appreciate the ever-positive Ted Lasso. We’ve all been watching and love that show. Now, for guns on the moon! We talk about the season finale of For All Mankind. We break down the major plot points, give kudos where due, and theorize where the show can go from here. We’re excited for 1995!