Episode 349: Don’t Forget the Poison Vial

This episode contains: We start off talking about Mother’s Day and moving to Texas. Just wait, it gets better.

Evolution, What Are You Gonna do?: There’s no such thing as a #tree (phylogenetically). We talk dendronization, poaization, and how avocado and cinnamon are pretty closely-realted species. It’s neat.


It’s Hip to be Square: Scientists have studied the mysterious behavior of cats sitting on squares. A Kanizsa illusion was used to see how cats see squares. Also neat.


Ok Computer: A team of researchers reports realization of a multi-node quantum network. Devon attempts to explain to us how a Quantum Internet would work. Ben wants to step into the quantum accelerator and vanish.


Science Fiction: We wrap up talking about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Devon is reading Project Hail Mary from Andy Weir. There’s some new info about Picard season 2 and 3. We talk about that hour long The Bad Batch episode. We’ve all seen The Mitchells Vs The Machines. Devon and Steven discuss Stowaway. Steven talks probably too much about Invincible. Ben talks about Superman and Lois. We all have a great time.


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