Episode 365: Unsolved

This episode contains: We talk about King’s Cross Station and it’s significance on September 1st. Steven and Devon hung out recently and played Dungeons and Dragons.

Try, try again: Firefly rocket explodes after launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base. Ben was watching the stream when the Firefly rocket launch went bad. Ben says science is failures and trying again.


What the Actual F: Initial autopsy fails to reveal what killed a family and their dog on a hiking trail near Yosemite. Trail has been closed due to ‘unknown hazards’, we talk about possible reasons.


Water Bear Don’t Care: We talk about the physics behind a tardigrade’s lumbering gait. Tardigrades evolved to walk just like insects that are 500,000 times their size. Perhaps water bears ‘walk’ just because of convergent evolution.


Science Fiction: We cover some listener comments and talk about Wizard magazine casting calls. We have a  long discussion about Star Trek: Prodigy, what the show is about and conjectures about what it might be about. We chat a bit about the Doctor Strange episode of What If…? We end the show with Devon and Ben taking polar opposite sides on the recent movie Reminiscence. Oh boy are their opinions different.