Episode 372: A Novel Episode

This episode contains: Rain! It’s been raining in California which is a nice change from all the fires. Ben has had some tummy trouble. Devon updates us on the mysterious hiking deaths from this summer.

I’ve Been Waiting For This Moment…: VR treatment for lazy eye in children gets FDA approval. 88% treatment plan success rate, up from 50% with regular drops and eye patches.


Biological Imperative: We finally know why we grow wisdom teeth as adults. We’re not the only primates to have wisdom teeth, ours just come later in life.


Yum?: Wake up and smell the ‘sustainable’ coffee produced in Finnish lab. Produced by floating cell cultures in bio-reactors filled with a nutrient medium, this novel product mostly resembles coffee.


Science Fiction: We do a small spoiler-free chat about DUNE in preparation of Miles Greb joining us next week. Both Devon and Ben have been keeping up with Foundation. We talk a bit about Star Trek Prodigy and if it’ll be too kiddie for us. Ben has some ideas about plot holes in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock and we all talk about it at length. We also get a bit into timelines and the sizes of ships in the Kelvin Timeline.