Episode 373: The Stilgar Cut

****This Episode is Explicit****

This episode contains: Ben is still figuring out what is wrong with him, but he ruled out his liver. Steven has some sick kids, but also a LEGO Batmobile, so it evens out.

No science talk this week!

Science Fiction:  Steven and Ben talk about the newest Star Trek show, Star Trek: Prodigy. Ben has watched it many times, and Steven only a few minutes, but that doesn’t stop them. It’s an action adventure show that barely resembles Star Trek, but it’s a fun ride anyway.

DUNE: Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: DUNE chat with Miles Greb! The notorious lover of Dune, we talk with Miles about what this movies adaptation got right and (mostly) what it got wrong. Ben and Steven also give their opinions on the movie.

Click below for more Miles:






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