Episode 374: Failed Jokes

This episode contains: Devon now lives in the woods, cleaning up limbs — you know, to celebrate Halloween. Devon ate all the kid’s candy and bemoans adult refreshments that don’t have alcohol. “Do they even make drinks for adults anymore?” Devon sleeps instead of podcasting. Vaccines are now ready for kids aged 5-11. Ben has his first appointment with a therapist, and he talks about why. Right now, your mental health is super important. It’s always super important, but the last two years we’ve been running to extremes. Steven says: even if you’re the most well-adjusted individual, it couldn’t hurt to talk to someone. Steven’s chickens dropped three eggs! Misremembering Simpsons quotes is now a national past time.

Devon’s Pet Peeves: Hand washing and sanitizing not enough: Close that toilet lid after flushing! Leaving toilet lids open after flushing can disperse particles over a meter. Yuck. How can we reinvent the toilet? Steven and Devon consider it. “This podcast is one of the worst we ever recorded.” – Steven


So Olllllld: Scientists used publicly available lidar data to find 478 ancient Mesoamerican monuments. Not quite citizen science, but super cool. How will future civilizations view us? If you love Mesoamerican culture, Ben recommends Netflix’s “Maya and the Three”


Not Talking About Frunks No More: Ford’s F-100 Eluminator concept car looks like a 1970s truck. Finally, an electric truck that Steven appreciates. You can buy an Eluminator electric crate motor from Ford to “electrify” your ride, like Doc Brown’s hover conversion.


Science Fiction: Listener feedback from Renee about DUNE: a great movie for the average person, and something that will encourage people to pick up the book. Star Trek Prodigy looks beautiful but the story isn’t enough to hook Steven and Devon yet. Ben still loves Star Trek Prodigy no matter what the haters say. Ben talks at length about last year’s Star Trek Discovery episode “Forget Me Not”. Not a great episode, but reframing it through trauma helps him to understand it. Devon and the rest of the world have finished watching Squid Game. Steven loves the new Netflix show Inside Job. Not for kids, but made by Gravity Falls showrunner. Ben loves Doom Patrol Season 3. Devon falls over on air… probably needs to sleep instead of podcast more.