Episode 376: Refrigerator Scale

This episode contains: Kids these days get the whole week off for Thanksgiving? Ben had time off and he spent it on himself. Nobody went to the hospital or died. What do you do when no kids are around? Steven plays Caves of Qud and watches Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Special guest Devon Craft tonight for the back half.

A grab bag: What next? 22 emerging technologies to watch in 2022. We have a bunch of short subjects that are really close to science fiction for science this week. Scientists are considering putting dust and ash in the atmosphere on purpose to cool the Earth. Heat pumps can efficiently heat and cool homes because they move existing air around. Sails can reduce container ship’s fuel consumption by 20%. 40 ships will use this tech by end of 2022. Flying electric taxis are possibly coming in 2022, but Steven is skeptical. Artificial meat and fish will revolutionize the industry: produce food for less money and ecological impact. Steven’s chicken died from an impacted crop. Poor thing. Nothing should be killed to feed people, if it can be helped.


Take another picture with your click click click click camera: Hubble update, One camera back, more to come. Hubble is back to doing science, despite issues with the timing signals. Hubble’s scientific instruments had been in safe mode, and are now being cautiously restarted. Ben gets salty about the myth of planned obsolescence.


Science Fiction: Devon’s voice is broken but we forced him to record anyway for the second half. A spoilery discussion of Ghostbusters: Afterlife this week. Devon isn’t a big fan but he liked the new Ghostbusters. He also doesn’t care. Historical discussion on when there have been two new episodes of Star Trek out the same day. Star Trek: Discovery season 4 premier was good! Hopefully the rest of the season pans out. We talk about why – 16 years later – the Star Trek Enterprise theme still sucks. Steven rewrites Star Trek: Discovery season 3. Steven saw Eternals: the 26th episode of the MCU and the first rotten film? It’s weird but ok says Steven. Evidently even non-nerds want to see DUNE again. Ben calls Steven a grown-up man-child thing.