Episode 377: Let’s Jam

This episode contains: Devon is absent due to fear. Ben has lived with Devon but Steven has helped him move more often and has bought him two gaming consoles. We then move on to our thoughts on Black Friday, Ben’s book designing and vaccines for kids.

It Glows! Photoluminescent substances could be applied to sidewalks, streets, and buildings. A new generation of luminescent materials has the potential to cool cities by re-emitting light that would otherwise be converted into heat. They might also cut down on energy use, since luminescent sidewalks, glowing road markers, or even glowing buildings could replace some street lighting. Already, some cities in Europe have installed glowing bicycle lanes, and some researchers have studied using glowing paint for road markings.


Monkey Wrench: Using mechanical tools improves our language skills, study finds. Research has revealed a correlation between being particularly proficient in tool use and having good syntactic ability. A new study has now shown that both skills rely on the same neurological resources, which are located in the same brain region. Furthermore, motor training using a tool improves our ability to understand the syntax of complex sentences and — vice-versa — syntactic training improves our proficiency in using tools.


Science Fiction: Amazon purchased MGM and so now own Stargate and Farscape. Hopefully they’ll do something with them. Steven then tells us about Hawkeye. We also discuss Hailee Steinfeld and her roles in Dickinson and Arcane. Steven has been watching the live action Cowboy Bebop. Ben then tells us about the new Netflix show: Dogs in Space. Ben squeezes in some Star Trek at the end.


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