Episode 381: Disposable in the Nicest Way Possible

This episode contains: No Steven this week, but Devon and Ben make do. Devon got his son a Lego Hogwarts castle. Ben thought we’d be without Lego talk with Steven not on the show. He was wrong. Devon practiced an hour to pitch in a VR baseball game, and still sucks.

Oooh girl, shock me like an eletric eel: Here’s how to give an electric eel an MRI. Ben talks about how to give an electric eel an MRI. Devon asks “Why?” but still thinks eel skeletons are pretty metal. An anesthesized eel can still drown… How do vets keep them breathing? Ever wanted to know how to reconstruct a blown knee on a bullfrog?


Here comes the sun!: A spacecraft has ‘touched’ the sun for the first time. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe spent five hours in the sun’s corona. WOW! Devon talks about Alfvén critical waves, theorized in 1942 and proven in 2019. Turns out the corona is far hotter than the surface of the sun. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is the fastest known object built by humans.


Science Fiction: Doom Patrol season 3 was crazy! Devon and Ben really liked it. Devon is caught up on season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, but skipped season 3. We talk future airdates for Star Trek: Discovery, Prodigy and Picard in early 2022. Ben and Devon wrap it up with a low-spoiler chat about The Matrix Resurrections.


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