Episode 382: Toxic Subspace Effects

This episode contains: Good riddance 2021, welcome to hell 2022. Steven vacationed in Hawaii. Ben went to Disneyland. Devon is absent and tired.

That’s an Old Tree: Ancient DNA reveals the world’s oldest family tree. Analysing DNA extracted from 35 entombed individuals, we found 27 of them were close biological relatives. Most of those buried in the tomb were descended from four women who had all had children with the same man.


taH pagh, taH be?: To learn Klingon or Esperanto: What invented languages can teach us. Christine Schreyer, a language creator, has invented Kryptonian, Eltarian, Beama, and Atlantean. We also talk about Toki Pona.


Science Fiction: Steven watched “Don’t Look Up” and gives his review. Ben talks about the  mid-season finale of Star Trek Discovery and it’s connection to Star Trek Insurrection. Ben also gives us the run down on all the Star Trek media that’s coming in 2022. We talk about the first episode of The Book of Boba Fett, and try not to get too detailed with our analysis. We need more episodes.




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