Episode 383: We’ll Always Have Lost

This episode contains: We’re all back and recording on a Sunday night. Devon is taking his son to a Peppa Pig park and Rainforest Café. Ben finished Spiderman for the PS 5. Ben talks about a fan edit of the second Amazing Spider-Man film. Devon then complains about movie soundtracks where the songs are not in the movie.

Zoo Cares: Zoo air contains enough DNA to identify the animals inside. The air in a zoo is full of smells, from the fish used for feed to the manure from the grazing herbivores, but now we know it is also full of DNA from the animals living there. Two research groups have each published an independent proof-of-concept study showing that by sampling air from a local zoo, they can collect enough DNA to identify the animals nearby. This may prove to be a valuable, non-invasive tool to track biodiversity.


Admiral, There be Whales Here: Ben talks about an article form a good friend of his. Why ‘Star Trek’ made San Francisco the center of the universe.


Science Fiction: We discuss The Book of Boba Fett, Star Trek: Prodigy, Station Eleven, Fallout TV show, Alien TV show, Matrix: Resurrections, Star Trek comic The Q Gambit, and more!