Episode 384: Cats, Pigs and Locusts. Ferengi, Rancor and Daleks.

This episode contains: Ben is super awake this episode, Devon is kinda here. We never know what Shrodinger Steven is gonna say to introduce the other hosts. Devon reviews a Peppa Pig playground. Steven got a LEGO Fender Guitar and Amp. Ben’s got into sudoku. Steven’s riding bikes. Devon’s tired. All in the end of the world.

If I Fits, I Sits: Starlink’s Self-Heating Internet Satellite Dishes Are Attracting Cats. SpaceX deployed 1,800 satellites for Starlink. They’ll launch 40,000 eventually. Cat’s love Starlink dishes on a cold day, because it’s warm. Now SpaceX knows that Starlink satellite dishes can double as a cat home. Turns out cats want to become the center of your attention. Unless they don’t.


Now doesn’t it make you feel better?: Pig heart transplanted to human for the first time. And the human’s still alive! Xenotransplantation is important because there are more people on organ waiting lists than there are donors. Scientists have been genetically modifying pigs to make them better organ donors. The pig heart transplant was FDA authorized by it’s compassionate use program. “If it oinks… it boinks?” We really should workshop these jokes.


It’s a plague!: The ‘surprisingly simple’ arithmetic of smell
When you want to learn about smell, consider the humble locust. Locusts can be trained to recognize specific odors. Locusts have palps. It’s not short for “Palpatines” despite Steven’s argument. You can’t drown out a smell like you can drown out sound.


Science Fiction: Ben hasn’t yet read the Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation graphic novel, but is going to (thanks to listener feedback from Joe Kohr). Episode 824 of Star Trek this week. It’s the Prodigy episode “First Con-tact”: Not to be confused with the eighth Star Trek movie, “First Contact”, or the fifteenth episode of season 4 of The Next Generation, “First Contact”. Nor even the season two finale of Lower Decks “First First Contact”. Steven on episode 3 of The Book of Boba Fett: “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.” Ben thinks the show is funny, but where’s it all going?


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