Episode 385: Boba Fett for the People

This episode contains: Ben and Steven this week are not joined by Devon, because the ‘Vid got him. Ben is excited to see No Way Home with him family and Steven has been attempting to get into shape with biking. Also, watch out for those Phantom Menace quotes.

This Time You’ve Gone Too Far: Turkish farmer tests out VR goggles on Cows to get more milk. The virtual sun-filled pasture appeared to help cows produce more (and better quality) milk. Steven is okay with the Cow Matrix, Ben not so much.


Clean Up That Mess: Study challenges evolutionary theory that DNA mutations are random. Turns out, the most biologically important areas of the DNA are being ‘protected’ from mutation.


Science Fiction: Ben listened to our Patron and read that Doctor Who / Star Trek crossover comic. He really liked it. Steven had a massive change of heart withthe 4th episode of The Book of Boba Fett, The Gathering Storm. Steven and Ben talk about the ‘flashbacks’ that were prevalent in the first 4 episodes and how they were clunky and really didn’t need to be flashbacks. Ben informs us all that there will be more Star Trek tv in our future, 51 new episodes this year! Ben then knuckles down and talks Star Trek Prodigy, and how it was a very Trek episode. We round out the episode by Steven talking a tiny bit about Kenshi and Ben explaining why Babylon 5 is so good.