Episode 389: Jacked Biohybrid

This episode contains: Ben declares himself the President of being present. We caught ourselves a wild Devon this episode. Ben went to a float spa: think sensory deprivation tank. It was AWESOME.

Trouble in a Bubble: Eight People Attempted To Live In A Biosphere For Two Years – Then It All Went Wrong. We’re not talking about the Simpsons Movie dome this week. Turns out Biosphere 2 was not a 1996 movie with Pauly Shore (That’s Bio-Dome). Biosphere 2 is the sequel to the Earth, which is Biosphere 1. Biosphere 2 was a $200M USD failure in so many ways. Food in Biosphere 2 didn’t grow quickly enough to support the inhabitants, oxygen fell to 15%, and there were cockroaches. Fun. Science is failure and trying again. Biosphere 2 is a good example of this.


DN-WHAT? Biohybrid fish made from human cardiac cells swims like the heart beats. Scientists are adapting cardiac cells to replace malformed hearts in children. Researchers made a swimming artificial Stingray from rat heart muscle cells. Yo, this biohybrid fish made from human cardiac cells is getting jacked!


Science Fiction: Steven is excited for Jurassic Park 6, whatever the subtitle is. Next Star Trek movie reunites the Kelvin crew. RIP Anton Yelchin. Perhaps the next JJ Star Trek movie will have scientifically accurate stuff? Steven wonders if a young Picard will be in the next Star Trek movie. No way. Devon wonders if there’ll be a new Star Trek movie without a bad guy. No way. Steven takes a plot from Darkwing Duck and pitches a Star Trek movie. “Snoopy in Space” has a Rotten Tomatoes rating at 100% for season 1. Devon says the holiday Peanuts specials don’t hold up. John Dimaggio tells us why he’s not gonna be Bender in next season of Futurama. Star Trek: Discovery S4 is still a great Star Trek season. “Rubicon” was rad. Let’s talk the trailer for Multiverse of Madness. Patrick Stewart?!??! What kind of Doctor is Dr Strange? Turns out he has an MD and a PhD. We’re finally getting Starfleet in Star Trek: Picard season 3.