Episode 390: Penetrating the Galactic Barrier

This episode contains: We record this on Sunday night, without Devon. Ben tells us about Babylon 5 without waiting for the Sci-Fi section of the podcast. Steven then talks about skipping first season of TV shows, including Parks and Rec.

There’s Nothing Funny About Measles: Scientists have known for years that measles can alter the immune system – but the latest evidence suggests it’s less of a mild tweaking, and more of a total reset. Enter “immune amnesia”, a mysterious phenomenon that’s been with us for millennia. Essentially, when you’re infected with measles, your immune system abruptly forgets every pathogen it’s ever encountered before – every cold, every bout of flu, every exposure to bacteria or viruses in the environment, every vaccination. Once the measles infection is over, current evidence suggests that your body has to re-learn what’s good and what’s bad almost from scratch.


Next Week in Space: Predicting the efficiency of oxygen-evolving electrolysis on the Moon and Mars. Scientists have today provided more insight into the possibility of establishing a pathway to generate oxygen for humans to potentially call the Moon or Mars ‘home’ for extended periods of time.


Science Fiction: Ben brings us up to speed on Star Trek Discovery. There’s something about a DMA and Omega Particle. Ben also talks about the coming first episode of the second season of Picard. Steven then tells us about the Apple TV+ show Severance.