Episode 394: Punk On The Bus

This episode contains: Break-ins, BBQs and Boxes. Would you like to know more?

Sip, Sip, Go!: Good news for coffee lovers: Daily coffee may benefit the heart. A new analysis of meta data shows that coffee is either neutral to, or associated with benefits to the heart. We talk about our own coffee (and bathroom associated) habits as well.


Creativity, blah, blah blah, creativity: Anyone can be trained to be creative, researchers say. Current foundation of creativity training is divergant thinking; treating the brain is logic machine. New creativity training focuses on developing new worlds and shifting perspectives.


Science Fiction: Ben gives his review of the Kobo and how it works with Overdrive (at the request of a patron). Steven gives a mini-review of The Adam Project. Ben and Steven both give high praise to the short time-travel film Exit Strategy. https://youtu.be/2roa2AhhgbM  At the one hour mark we finally get to Star Trek Picard. We talk about some key points, including the Punk on the Bus, 10-Forward, and the Borg Queen. We round out the episode by a tiny chat about Raised By Wolves, in which Ben tries to talk about it, but it’s just too cool and weird. Oh, and there’s a tiny bit of Fallout tv news.