Episode 397: Worth Looking Into

This episode contains: We talk about sick kids, the easter, LIQUID DEATH, house destruction and possibly starting a proof-reading podcast.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: Could high-flying kites power your home? We chat about how kites wind power works and how it possibly couldn’t work. Future power solutions are on the way and we are extremely excited.


I Thought It Wasn’t Real, But It Is: Burst of accumulated zinc shows how the mineral boosts immune function, suggesting ways to improve health. Steven had lumped zinc in with woo-woo nonsense when it came to boosting immune function. Until now. Zinc is needed for the development of T cells and prompts regeneration of the thymus. Too cool.


Science Fiction: Thanks @ibakepies for our cool new twitter header. Ben recommends the One-Minute Time Machine:


The release date for For All Mankind season 3 has been revealed, set your watches to June 10th. Steven does a mini-review on Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. You should go read it. Ben has come to terms with Picard, the episodes don’t connect thematically or tonally. We really dug the TNG animated clip though: