Episode 400: It’s A Shared Universe, Get With It

Alternate title: LET’S GO!!!!

This episode contains: Ben wrote his mother a poem for Mother’s Day and he shares with us. Have your tissues handy. Steven went to Hawaii and only had a moderately good time. No tears for him. Ben gives us an update on the xenoplantation we reported on a few weeks back.


Gas On The Moon: Lunar soil has the potential to generate oxygen and fuel. Chinese scientists are designing a system to use lunar soil and solar radiation for oxygen and fuel. For better success, they may try melting the lunar soil into a nanostructured high-entropy material. Cool.


What do you hate? Passwords. When do we hate them? All the time: Apple takes the first steps to a password-less future, and Google and Microsoft are along for the ride. We talk about passwords, authentication methods and FIDO.


Science Fiction: We talk about the latest trailer for Obi-Wan Kenobi and discuss how we feel about another Kenobi / Vader fight. Does it break cannon? Do we care? We spend a lot of time covering the first episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. We were both pretty taken with it. Lastly, we chat about Star Trek: Picard and… let’s just leave it at that.