Episode 401: Doctor Strange New Worlds

This episode contains: We record in the daytime for the first time ever, except for the last time. Do Texans eat lunch at 3 in the afternoon? We ask Devon. He never answers. How much do we love brisket tacos? We drink more Liquid Death: Berry It Alive and Mango Chainsaw. So good. Steven doesn’t want to drink water that tastes like farts.

Fly Me to the Moon: Plants will grow in lunar regolith, but they don’t like it. Steven and Ben both picked the same science news to share this week. Lucky pick! Kinda like in The Martian, plants are able to grow in lunar regolith. JSC-1A is the NASA-developed material meant to simulate lunar soil.


Science Fiction: What did Devon think of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds? He is hopeful and blase. And I quote: “Why is everyone an alcoholic in StarTrek now? Where’s the hope?” Steven liked the second episode of Strange New Worlds more than the first. “When you answer a problem with math and music, you got good Star Trek.” George Samuel Kirk is immortal until pancakes hit him in the face! Compare dinner party scenes from Strange New Worlds and Discovery, and choose your flavor of NuTrek. We go over major Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness spoilers. Do we talk about that thing? Of course we do. We saw the trailer for Season 3 of The Orville… What? No jokes? Devon drops the mike.